Exception Details

The selected address is no longer effective

The selected address is no longer effective


The address used on the sales order, purchase order, etc is no longer effective. Depending on what type of transaction you are on, you will need to modify the customer's address record or vendor's address record.

In this case the error occured on the Purchase Order

Go to vendor record > Address > Advanced

Check the expired address. If you want to reenable it click validate or create a new one with no set expiration date.

The bad address was actually the PO delivery address (your address). You will find multiple versions of the same address. Pick one that is clearly active - you may have to play around with this by trial an error.

Reason: The same physical address, ii.e. 1111 Main Street, New York, NY can have multple records in the database. Each record has a different location ID. You need to select the record that has a location ID that is not expired.

The address record

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